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Open de France Junior 2023

Mar 31, 2023 - Apr 02, 2023 Cercle du jeu de paume de Fontainebleau Guillaume Dortu

Published Mar 01, 2023


All entrants must be licensed by the Fédération française de Tennis or be members of one of the following associations:

Tennis and Rackets Association, United States Court Tennis Association, Australian Real Tennis Association, Ladies Real Tennis Association, Nederlandse Real Tennis Bond, Irish Real Tennis Association.

The first round will be played by group (pool) of 4 with matches of:

  • 3 winning games (U13)
  • 4 winning games (U15)
  • 5 winning games (U17)
  • 6 winning games (U19)

And/or with time limits (depending on the number of entries)

The finals will be played:

  • 6 winning games (U13)
  • 8 winning games (U15)
  • 10 winning games (U17)

Best of 3 sets (U19)

- Following the rules of the Comité français de courte paume, all players should be dressed in white sport outfit on the court. The ONLY exception allowed is for the shoes*.

- Players must show fair play and temper their language under penalty of a warning by the marker or/and the umpire.


1st infraction: warning;

2nd infraction: 1 penalty point;

3rd infraction: 3 penalty points;

4th infraction: immediate disqualification. The winner will receive all the remaining games.

* Comité français de courte paume’s rules and statutes available on demand.

  • Any player late by more than 10 minutes for his match will be disqualified (except with the express agreement of the marker or/and the umpire). He will be scored 0.
  • Any withdrawal not justified by medical certificate after the closing of registrations will not be refunded.
  • Information about the timetable will be given once the draw will be set. Please be aware that all players should be available to play on Friday! Depending on the number of players, the games could start at 8 am, even on Friday