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World Masters 2024 - Individual Events

May 09, 2024 - May 18, 2024 Queen's Club TBD

Update Apr 14, 2024
Published Nov 19, 2023
Starts in: 24 days

The World Masters Individual Events (O50s, O55s, O60s, O65s, O70s, O75 and O80s Singles and Doubles) are taking place on 9th -18th May 2024 at The Queen's Club.


9th May: O50s & O55s begin

11th May: O60s, O65s & O70s begin

13th May: O75s begin / Drinks & Canapes Reception

14th May: O80s begin

17th to 18th May: Finals Days

18th May: Presentation Dinner

Entries open!

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Entries are open - the deadline is Apr 22, 2024