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Pol Roger Trophy 2021/22

Update Dec 06, 2021 (First Round Complete)
Update Jan 25, 2022 (Semi Finals Complete)
Update Mar 07, 2022 (Queen's Club win the final)
Published Mar 07, 2022

Mar 05, 2022 Wellington D Jones

Queen's Club win the Pol Roger Trophy



WRTC was proud to host a neutral venue for the Pol Roger Final against Queens and RTC. The day started well with the fire alarm which provided a nice warm up for the players as they had to evacuate the club out onto the Astro turf courts. False alarm and the first match up was the 2nd doubles- RTC pair Charlie Packham & James Hamblin stormed a 5-0 lead surprising Jonny Whitiker (C) & Richard Elmitt of Queens- Jonny and Richard had a quiet word with themselves and started their fight back and won the next 12 games to win the first rubber!

Next up 1st Singles-Mathieu Sarlangue(Q) took on Peter wright (R) – first set was tight, with exceptional rallies and brilliant tactics and match play from both ends with Mathieu securing the first set 6-2. A valiant effort from Peter but he was still struggling with the effects a recent covid infection and just didn’t have the lungs to continue- 2-0 to Queens. The second singles was definitely the match of the day with Phil Dunn ( Captain and RTC) taking on Rory Giddins (Q). Just a brilliant match with everything left on the court. Rory took the first set 6-4 only to lose the second 0-6- Final set was destined to go 5-5 and the players didn’t disappoint! 5-5 and a team win for Queens or an important win for RTC to stay in the match! Rory had the tactical edge with the service end and served out the match to win the Pol Roger final for Queens!! The match continued with the 3rd singles where Henry Mullen (Q) took on James Watson (R)- 6-5 Henry and the game was contesting hotly for match of the day until the unthinkable happened! James went into the forehand corner of the service end and snapped his achilles!! James was rushed off to Frimely hospital – we have heard he is doing ok considering the injury and we will update you when more news is available.

A huge thank you to James Simpson of Pol Roger for providing lunch with a beautiful selection of wines and of course Pol and to the T&RA and the stewards to ensuring this year’s competition was superbly run and lastly to Simon Roundell who presented the prizes with his T&RA hat on!

Queen's Club 2022
Winners - Queen's Club 2022

Final - Saturday 5th March 2022

Queen's Club beat RTC 4-0

  • Jonny Whitaker & Richard Elmitt beat James Hamblin & Charlie Packham 6/5 6/0
  • Matthieu Sarlangue beat Peter Wright 6/2 retired
  • Rory Giddins beat Phil Dunn 6/4 0/6 6/5
  • Henry Mullan beat James Watson 6/5 1-1 retired
  • Harry Eddis & Nick James vs David Watson & James Sohl (not completed)

Semi-Final - 22nd January 2022

RTC (H) beat Petworth 4-1

  • David Watson & Geoffrey Russell beat Angus Williams & Nick Harris 6/2 6/4
  • Peter Wright beat Freddie Bristowe 6/3 6/5
  • Phil Dunn lost to Adam Dolman 6/2 3/6 5/6
  • James Hamblin beat Tom Freeman 6/5 6/3
  • Charlie Packham & Simon Barker beat Charlie Braham & Ollie Taylor 6/2 6/3

Leamington (H) lost to Queen's Club 1-4

  • Freddie Dixon & Chris Kroeger lost to Nick James and Richard Elmitt 3/6 1/6
  • Robert Shenkman beat Alex Duncliffe Vines 6/5 5/6 6/0
  • Simon Shenkman lost to Henry Mullan 5/6 3/6
  • James Coyne lost to Jonny Whitaker 4/6 6/3 4/6
  • Tom Seymour Mead & Rob Stewart lost to Rory Giddins & Bertie Vallat 6/5 4/6 1/6

In accordance with Rule 14 (There shall be a play-off between the first-round losers in order to determine which two Clubs should be relegated in the following season. The play-off matches shall take place on the same date as the Pol Roger semi-finals and shall be played between the losers of the first and third matches in the main draw and the losers of the fourth and second matches.)

I have therefore drawn for the home teams; Moreton and Seacourt have that advantage.

Moreton (H) lost to Cambridge 2-3

The key match was the second doubles involving the new Chairman (stepping in as a late Covid sub). They lost the first set 2/6 but recovered to win the second from 4-5 down and lead 5-2 in the third. Which they then lost 5/6!

  • Rich Wills & Simon Hobson lost to Andrew Petrie & Stephen Doel 2/6 6/5 5/6
  • Tom Bomford lost to Edmund Kay 2/6 2/6
  • Tom Lewis lost to Patrick Smart 3/6 2/6
  • Douglas Holden bt Charles D’Oyly 6/3 6/5
  • Paddy Sutton & Martin Rogers bt Jules Camp & Charles Harcourt 0/6 6/3 6/1

Seacourt (H) lost to MCC 1-4

Please find the result from yesterday’s Pol Roger match between MCC and Seacourt. MCC won 4-1 in a very competitive tie. Highlight of the day was watching Seacourt’s second singles player – Max – a star of our game if he keep progressing in the same fashion!

  • Second Doubles Paul Weaver & Tom Weaver lost to Neil Roxburgh & Jolyon Symonds 6/3 5/6 3/6
  • First Singles Luke Danby lost to Jamie Douglas 5/6 2/6
  • Second Singles Max Trueman lost to Jamie Giddins 4/6 5/6
  • Third Singles James Medlow bt Ollie Martyn-Hemphill 6/3 6/2
  • Frist Doubles Mark McMurrugh & Hugh Latham lost to James Acheson-Gray & Ed Hyde 2/6 3/6

First-round - 5th December 2021

Moreton Morrell lost to RTC (1) 5-0

Petworth bt Seacourt 3-2

Cambridge lost to Leamington 2-3

Queen's Club (2) bt MCC 4-1

Moreton Morrell lost to RTC (1) 5-0

  • Tom Lewis & Phil Shaw-Hamilton lost to D Watson & J Watson 2/6 1/6
  • Tom Bomford lost to Peter Wright 1/6 2/6
  • Vaughan Hamilton lost to Phil Dunn 2/6 1/6
  • Doug Holden lost to James Hamblin 2/6 1/6
  • Paddy Sutton & Rich Wills lost to Simon Barker & David Blizzard 3/6 3/6

Petworth beat Seacourt 3-2

  • Nick Harris & Steve Calder-Smith bt Charlie Danby & Mark McMurrugh 6/2 6/3
  • Adam Dolman bt Luke Danby 6/1 6/2
  • Angus Williams lost to Max Trueman 0/6 2/6
  • Tom Freeman lost to James Medlow 1/6 6/4 4/6
  • Charlie Braham & Oliver Taylor bt Tom & Paul Weaver 6/0 6/1

Cambridge lost to Leamington 2-3

  • Andy Smith & Andrew Petrie lost to Freddie Dixon & Robert Stewart 4/6 2/6
  • James Campbell lost to Robert Shenkman 1/6 0/6
  • Charles D'Oyly lost to Tom Seymour Mead 4/6 6/5 0/6
  • Patrick Smart bt Simon Shenkman 5/6 6/2 6/1
  • vs Jules Camp & Charles Harcourt bt Chris Kroeger & James Coyne 6/5 6/1

Queen's Club beat MCC 4-1

  • Richard Owen & Nick James bt James Acheson-Gray & Oliver Martyn-Hemphill 6/1 6/1
  • Rory Giddins & Ben Boddington lost to Jamie Douglas & Richard Compton-Bennett 6/4 3/6 2/6
  • Harry Eddis vs Horatio Cary 6/1 6/3
  • Jonny Whitaker vs Peter Jarvis 6/1 6/2
  • Richard Elmitt vs Jolyon Symonds 6/1 6/3

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