Case Study - Tonbridge

Court Name and Location


Tonbridge School, Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1JE

Court built on footprint of old (1887) gym, between original Rackets court and School Chapel (listed building).

Tonbridge School Rackets Court
Tonbridge School Rackets Court

Key Dates

  • Start of process: July 2011
  • Opening of court: March 2012

Key People

  • Project Champion: Tom Shields
  • Organising Committee:
  • Anthony Moore, School Bursar
  • Andy Whittall, Director of Sport
  • Mark Plant, Estates Bursar
  • James Underhill, Foundation Director
  • David Makey, Rackets Professional

Design and Construction

  • Architect: Barnsley Hewitt & Mallison
  • Quantity Surveyor: Bristow Johnson & Partners
  • Main Contractor: Durtnells
  • Floor: Floated, self-levelling concrete
  • Walls: Reinforced concrete with Armourcoat plaster finish
  • Roof: Timber-framed pitched roof with stainless steel ties

Cost Summary

Current cost estimate £1.2m

  • Court Construction, Galleries, etc: £622k
  • Professional Fees: £67k
  • VAT: £137k
  • Total: £826k


  • Local Donors: Approximately 200 individual donors, including two @ £50k, totalling £464k
  • T&RA: £20k
  • Judd Foundation (Skinners’ Company): £200k
  • Tonbridge School: £142k

Problems Encountered

  • Floor bubbled and had to be re-laid
  • Section of the front wall had to be replaced.

What would you do differently?

  • Possibly a bigger gallery
  • Lift to gallery for disabled access

Current Status

  • Over 100 boys playing regularly each year
  • A few old Tonbridgians use the courts in the evening and on weekends

Anthony Moore/David Makey/RAD, November 2019