Real Tennis

Business & Financial Case Pro Forma

Pro Forma

This paper sets out on a pro forma basis a proposal for an institution seeking to develop a new Real Tennis court

The proposal needs to be well researched and professionally prepared, and should broadly be along the following lines.


The purpose of the paper: who are you addressing (Chairman of Governors, Chancellor, Club Chairman, etc.), what are you looking to develop, where and why.

Radley College Tennis Court
Radley College Tennis Court

Background to Real Tennis

Beginnings and current state of the game; number of courts in UK and worldwide; who plays (age, sex, singles, doubles); handicap system; growth in recent years.

Real Tennis in Schools and Universities

If the proposal is for a court (or two) at a school or university, cover what is happening in this area and how this has developed over recent years (number of schools/universities with courts, number of others playing and entering competitions); what court usage can be expected from and reserved for the students and those from other local institutions.

Middlesex University Real Tennis Club
Middlesex University Real Tennis Club

Real Tennis in Local Communities

Details of other courts in the local area (if any); likely demand from local catchment area; names of specific local enthusiasts and supporters; ambition in terms of local membership and participation including the approach to recruitment

Planning Approval

Initial soundings with local planning authority and likelihood of receiving satisfactory approval in this regard.


Likely cost of proposed development including land (if applicable), construction, fitting out, professional fees and VAT; it would be helpful to have professional (QS) support for the figures quoted.

Basis of Operation

Suggested structure of the school/university/club arrangements, including optimum membership, court usage and governance; is the club to have charitable status and how is this to be achieved; how would the club satisfy the Charity Commission requirements for public benefit, etc.

Wellington Real Tennis Club
Wellington Real Tennis Club


Finance required and likely sources including land (hopefully contributed by school/university/sports club); donations from major benefactors; grants from the T&RA and Sport England; smaller donations from the local and wider Real Tennis community; debentures and loans.

Middlesex University Real Tennis Club
Middlesex University Real Tennis Club

Cost/Benefit Analysis

An analysis covering the assumptions used and the likely income and expenditure over time split between Capital Account (initial Grants and Donations, Debentures and Loans offset by Developments Costs and Interest on Debentures & Loans including Repayment thereof) and Revenue Account (Membership Subscriptions and Court Fees, offset by ongoing Operational Costs [professionals, balls, lighting, maintenance, etc]).

It would be sensible to provide some sensitivity analysis on this covering best, worst and most likely scenarios, with the detail provided in an appendix

Risk Analysis

An analysis of the major hurdles to be overcome and strategies for addressing each: planning, funding, membership, professionals, etc.


This needs to pick out the five or so key aspects of the proposed development

Next Steps

What needs to be done next, by whom and by when.