Real Tennis

Standard Court

Essential Requirements

  • An experienced and committed Project Manager
  • A competent and experienced Job Architect


  • Overall length including penthouses and dedans – 34.13m/112ft
  • Overall width including penthouses – 12.34m/40.5ft
  • Height – 7.62m/25ft to 9.14m/30ft depending on roof structure
Bristol Real Tennis Club ground floor layout
Bristol Real Tennis Club ground floor layout


  • Floor: Power-floated concrete with all chase and other lines embedded in floor; matt, resin finish
  • Walls: – Steel frame and blockwork in 5m sections (300mm/C40) with Hardwall plaster and Gypsum-based finish
  • Penthouses: – Plywood on hardwood, supported by inverted T section
  • Ledges: – Hardwood with double fixes
  • Roof: Pitched steel frame with no cross beams; well insulated
  • Lighting: Natural light desirable; LED lights with minimum of 700 lux at 1m height in corners
  • Access: External double doors at net
  • Viewing: Dedans, side galleries and above dedans


  • Professionals’ Office: with view over the entrance to the club and the court
  • Club Room: with view over court and to include bar, catering and dining facilities
  • Changing Rooms: male and female of equal size
Bristol Real Tennis Club
Bristol Real Tennis Club

Indicative costs

  • Court: £750k
  • Ancillary facilities: £250k
  • Professional fees: 12 to 15%
  • VAT: 20%