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Jun 09, 2019

VACL 2019

Manchester; 24-29 June 2019:Van Alen Cup, Clothier Cup, Limb Trophy
May 22, 2019

Rackets World Eliminator 2019

Eliminator May 2019 Wednesday 22nd; Queen's; Will Hopton beat Alex Duncliffe-Vines 15/6 15/4 15/7 11/15 15/4 Saturday 25th; Manchester; Duncliffe-Vines beat Hopton 15/14 15/9 18/17 15/12 Alex Duncliffe-Vines wins 5-4 overall
May 01, 2019

Bathurst Cup 2019

Chicago: 13-18 May 2019. GB beat France to win the 2019 Bathurst Cup
Apr 16, 2019

Ladies World Challenge 2019

Lea Van der Zwalmen retains her world title
Apr 11, 2019

Milne Hue Williams 2019

Queen's Club; 13th April 2019; Peter Symonds beat Eton to win the Milne Hue Williams Cup
Mar 27, 2019

Inaugural Rackets Mixed Open Doubles 2019

The Queen's Club; 6th April. India Deakin & Felix Clarke beat Ella Gaskell & Graeme Tyndall 15/1 15/7 in the final.
Mar 01, 2019

Varsity Tennis 2019

1st/2nd March: MCC: Oxford beat Cambridge in both Men and Ladies matches
Feb 17, 2019

Amateur Rackets Doubles Championship 2019

Charterhouse; 23rd February; Mike Bailey & Nick James beat George Loup & Ben Stevens to become amateur champions
Feb 14, 2019

Amateur Singles and Doubles Championships 2019

23rd February 2019; Jamie Douglas is Amateur Champion 2019 24th February 2019; Ed Kay and Jamie Giddins are Doubles Champions
Feb 13, 2019

BRNC Dartmouth Open 2019

12th to 14th April - Rackets weekend at BRNC, Dartmouth
Feb 12, 2019

T&RA Eye Protection notice

The T&RA strongly recommends the use of eye protection for both Real Tennis and Rackets
Feb 04, 2019

UK Professional Singles 2019

Eton: Ben Bomford beat Ben Cawston 15/10 15/9 11/15 7/15 15/13 in the final
Jan 28, 2019

Seacourt Silver Racquet 2019

Sponsored by Peter Luck-Hille: Final: Neil Mackenzie beat Luke Danby
Jan 25, 2019

Kressmann Trophy 2019

Over 50 Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Amateur Handicap Singles and Doubles International Tournament Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th April 2019
Jan 24, 2019

HRH Real Tennis Tour Summary

50 courts; 151 doubles matches; 453 players More than 1,000 young people introduced to Real Tennis More than £2 million raised for the DofE
Dec 14, 2018

Inter University Real Tennis Tournament 2018

Over 4 days from 22nd November the Cambridge & Newmarket courts hosted the Annual Inter-Universities Real Tennis Tournament which was sponsored by the T&RA, the Dedanists’ Foundation and Pol Roger.
Dec 11, 2018

Under 21 and Under 24 Singles & Doubles 2018

​Rory Giddins defends the Under 21 and U24 titles. Rory and partner, Ed Hyde, win the Under 21 Doubles. Alex Duncliffe-Vines & Jock Jamieson-Black win the Under 24
Dec 06, 2018

Master Class 2019

Jesmond Dene Real Tennis Court, 26th April - 4th May 2019
Dec 02, 2018

Schoolgirls' Doubles 2018

Sponsored by Brown Advisory Cheltenham win the Alex Brodie Cup; Wellington beat Cheltenham to win the Robin Geffen Cup
Nov 17, 2018

Over 50 Amateur Singles 2018

MCC. 25 November 2018.British Over 50s Amateur Singles Championship – Peter Wright reigns supreme
Nov 12, 2018

Invitation Singles 2018

Tom Billings beat Nick Hopcroft in Sunday's final
Oct 29, 2018

Clifton Cup 2018

Mike Bailey and Archie Fellowes beat Ben Cawston and Henry Liddington to win the doubles 15/8 11/15 15/9. Ben Cawston retained his singles title.
Oct 24, 2018

Manchester Gold Racquet 2018

Ben Cawston beat Alex Duncliffe-Vines to win the Manchester Gold Racquet. The singles finalists combined forces to win the Doubles
Oct 15, 2018

British Open Real Tennis Championships 2018

Queen's. 19th November. Rob Fahey beat Chris Chapman to win his 50th Open title. 20th November. Rob Fahey & Nick Howell beat Chris Chapman & Steve Virgona.
Oct 15, 2018

British Open Real Tennis Championships Qualifying 2018

Radley. 4th November. Josh Smith, Jon Dawes, Craig Greenhalgh and Will Burns all qualify for the British Open Singles. Queen's. 8th November. Craig Greenhalgh & Darren Long and Zak Eadle & Adam Player qualify for the Doubles
Oct 09, 2018

Over 50s Amateur Doubles 2018

6-7 October 2018 at Prested Hall, David Watson & Peter Wright beat Simon Barker & Peter Holmes in the final
Sep 27, 2018

British Open 2018 events and tickets

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Sep 22, 2018

Hyde Real Tennis

The Chairman's report from the 2017/18 Annual Report
Sep 19, 2018

HRH Real Tennis Tour 2018 USA

Court Tennis Tour 2018 “Why on earth do you want to do that?†This is the sort of question you might think, but should rarely ask out loud. Particularly when discussing an apparently mad endeavour such as running a marathon every day, or climbing some notorious, far-flung mountain, or rowing across an ocean or skiing across a frozen continent; for what might seem mad to you or me can give someone else enormous pleasure. Well, actually, it’s probably less to do with pleasure and more to do with the satisfaction of setting and overcoming a particular challenge.
Sep 09, 2018

Noel Bruce 2018

Cheltenham beat Harrow to win the Noel Bruce Cup - Congratulations Richard Owen and Alex Duncliffe-Vines
Aug 14, 2018

Henry Leaf Cup 2018

James Acheson-Gray and Adam Dolman (Charterhouse) win the Henry Leaf Cup
Aug 10, 2018

Junior British Open 2018

19th August 2018. Victories for Freddie Bristowe (U18); William Flynn (U16); Max Trueman (U14); and Henry Henman (U12) at The Queen's Club
Aug 07, 2018

Noel Bruce Qualifying 2018

Qualifying complete - Main Draw starts on Tuesday
Aug 02, 2018

Field Trophy 2018/19

9th March Moreton Morrell; Seacourt beat Petworth to win the Field Trophy